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Which places to visit in Olympus Riviera

Atira Apartments Hotel in Olympic Beach (Olympiaki Akti) of Pieria Region or Olympus Riviera is the ideal base for all of you who wish to enjoy relaxing at a beach, walking and eating great food, but also for all of you explorers who wish to see the sights. There are many things to see a short drive away.

Explore Olympus Riviera Beaches
Pieria boasts 70-kilometers of coastline called the Olympus Riviera. Choose some of the most popular from the 16 organized beaches :
 Northern Pieria Beaches: Methoni, Agios Giannis, Makrigialos, Pydna, Alikes Kitros
 Central Pieria Beaches: Korinos, Paralia, Olympic beach
 Southern Pieria Beaches: Kalivia Varikou, Gritsa, Plaka Litochoro, Leptokarya, Skotina beach, Panteleimonas beach, Platamonas, Nei Pori

Visit Katerini
Pieria’s capital is Katerini, a small city with a large pedestrian zone (commercial center) full of shops and cafes. The Public Park is a true oasis for daily walks surrounded by greenery and fountains. Visit Eleftherias (Liberty) Square at the beginning of the pedestrian and Macedonia Square where there is bowling center. You can also visit the outdoor market, which takes place every Saturday

Visit one of the local wineries

Palaios Panteleimonas is a preserved traditional village with impressive architecture and a fantastic view of Thermaikos gulf, a cinematic scenery.

Platamonas Castle, a story to be seen behind the walls, with a breathtaking view.

MOUNT OLYMPUS, the highest mountain in Greece, (home of the Greek gods), the first National Park of Greece, and also a World Biosphere Reserve. You can even run with the Gods at the OLYMPUS MARATHON every June.

Hike in ENIPEAS GORGE with fine scenery, monasteries, bridges, green ravines and crystal -clear rapids.

Visit Litochoro village, a mountain village with a nautical history! Visit the Nautical Museum of Litochoro

The old and new St. Dionisius Monastery a Greek Orthodox 16th century

Dion Museum and Archaeotheke - Exquisite. A very interesting museum in the village of Dion, with exhibits from Hellenistic and Roman periods.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF DION - the sacred city of the Macedonians - an admirable civilization - a life of 1000 years. Every summer, the Olympus Festival takes place with all types of drama performances, concerts and parallel artistic events throughout Pieria.

more Archaeological Sites like prehistoric settlement of Makrigialos, ancient and Byzantine Pydna, the Louloudies site and ancient Leivithra.

Agia Kori Chapel, Waterfall and Lagoon an inspiring place hidden 169 steps down the foothill of Mount Olympus and away from the public eyes is the little chapel of Agia Kori (Sacred Daughter). The scenery is magical and mysterious

Chapel Holy Trinity - Palaia Vrontou - Church Ag.Nikolaos Discover more of nature.The old settlement of Vrontou on the outskirts of the mythical mountain with the ruins of stone houses and its preserved monument, the church of Agios Nikolaos 18th century. Around the church is a recreation area. In the same area, the picturesque Chapel of the Holy Trinity (Agia Triada) is what is left of an old monastery that existed at this place in the 14th century as it is built high on the edge of a steep cliff.

Experience the amazing OURLIA WATERFALLS IN MOUNTAIN OLYMPUS and dive in the cold waters of the Olympian Gods

Visit one of Pieria’s wonderful Wetlands! Wetland of Nea Agathoupoli or the Alyki Kitrous wetland or Nei Pori wetland.

Mud Baths are therapeutic in Alikes Kitrous

Nunnery of the great Father of Orthodoxy, Saint Ephrem the Syrian near the village of Kontariotissa, The Monastery of Kanalon dates from about 1676, The Monastery of Agios Georgios near the village of Ritini from the 14th and 16th centuries.

THESSALONIKI a city that never sleeps, full of history, culture (archaeological sites and museums), art, festivals, exhibitions, colorful markets, delicious local cuisine.

The Valley of Tempi is a gorge where the famous church of Agia Paraskevi located, and a small cave where is the original pilgrimage

Built on top of stunning sandstone peaks, Meteora Monasteries is on the UNESCO World Heritage

One Day Cruise to Skiathos Island

Visit Edessa - Naousa - Vergina Royal Tombs, a UNESCO’s World Heritage site the first Kingdom of Macedonia, and learn about King Philip II and his son “Alexander the Great”.

The hot springs of Pozar

I hope this information helps you find the top things to do in Olympic Beach and Olympus Riviera. Really, where will you go this summer?

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