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Olympic Beach Guide

Things to do at Olympic Beach - Where to eat and drink

Olympic Beach is a charming place to vacation, especially during the summer months. Olympic Beach / Olympiaki Akti is:

- a lovely, sandy and golden beach, stretching 4 kilometers lengthwise and 60 meters wide, with a panoramic view overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf of the Aegean and the mystical Mount Olympus.
- awarded every year with the European Blue Flag.
- a crystal clear, blue sea, that is mostly shallow and little to no waves, making it suitable for all ages.
- a beach with many facilities which include:
Sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, toilets, beach bars, lifeguard stations, access for disabled people, parking spaces, beach volleyball courts, paddle boats, parasailing, canoeing, sailing and other water sports.
- accessible with an illuminated coastal road, with a parallel bike path and pedestrian path for coastal walks leading to another coastal village.
- a village with all the infrastructures:
parks, playgrounds, a football field, basketball courts, a church, pedestrian sidewalks doctors’ offices, supermarkets, bakeries, shops, restaurants, taverns, café, bars.

Read below what you can learn before you visit us :

Laze at the beach
The sea water is clear, shallow and warm, and the beach is sandy, which makes it suitable for everyone. The beach area, in front of the apartments/hotels and bars of Olympic Beach is quite busy and all organized, where you can rent an umbrella and sunbed, for two persons, depending on the place and the season, from 7€ to 10€, or some places don’t charge but you have to order something to drink or eat.
For less crowded spots to swim, move along the right or left where the hotels end - away from the town. Here you will find wide and long free beaches within the town, so you can enjoy the peace and relax. Bring your own towel and umbrella or you can use an organized place where you can order something to drink.
The beach area is large enough to play rackets or frisbee and you can even purchase
loukouma - donuts from people who sell them at the seaside. There are two large parking lots on both ends of the main street of the town and many along the beach.

Walking in the main street
In the main pedestrian streets of Olympic Beach, couples and families walk around all day long and in the evenings until midnight, when the shops close and everyone is enjoying the bars - beach bars. There are many clothing shops (not branded ones), souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and excursion offices parks and playgrounds.

Shopping - souvenirs and gifts
Before you return back home get with you a little bit of Greece, souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones and your friends.
 Honey, the food of the gods “ambrosia”
 Olive oil the “extra virgin” and olives which considered the best in the world.
 Herbs and spices like Kroko Kozanis (the Greek saffron), fresh or dried oregano, basil spice, thyme, mint, Olympus Mountain tea
 Sweets of spoon (made from fruit marinated in syrup), jams, fruit composts
 Ouzo, Tsipouro, Metaxa brandy (go for more than three stars), wines
 Mati (Greek evil eye) against negative energy
 Komboloi or worry beads for fun and relaxation
 Tavli as it is called in Greece or backgammon for quality time with your friends, easy and fun to play
 Ancient artifacts, Greek ceramics and pottery
 Jewelry
 Leather products

Where to eat and drink
You must know, that Greek cuisine is one of the tastiest, full of flavor and healthiest cuisines n the world, with fresh food and satisfying dishes. You will find many restaurants and taverns with a range of good Greek traditional food and some Italian or American options. Listed below are some of my favorite places to eat and drink.
• NISAKI Restaurant - Tavern (Greek cuisine, Vegetarian, Vegan) for lunch and dinner. Note that in August, during weekends, you have to book a table.
• PERIGIALI Restaurant - Tavern (Greek cuisine, Vegetarian, Vegan) for brunch, lunch and dinner
• Piperia Pizza (Italian cuisine) and all meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Note that the have delivery too
• Kris Food House, for Fast Food grill with gyros and all meals served Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
• Crystal Patisserie, for sweets, ice cream, pizza, food and all meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
• Fos Patisserie, for Greek sweets, donuts and more
• Remezzo, all day cafe-bar seaside lounge

Some small tips for you:
• Popular breakfast options that you will find at the bakery is koulouri, spanakopita (spinach pie), tyropita (cheese pie) and bougatsa (with cream or cheese).
• The most popular street snacks are the world-famous souvlaki and gyros.
• Don’t say cheers or “yammas” with coffee in Greece, because it’s bad luck. Do it with water or beer.
• In Greece, the most common choices for coffee is the famous Frappe (cold) or Nescafe (hot), Ellenikos kafe or Greek coffee (hot) and of course Espresso (hot or cold) and Cappuccino (hot or cold).
• All Greek menus are in English language, so you won’t have a problem to order. If the description on the menu is not adequate, just ask your waiter.
• When you finish your meal and ask for the bill in a restaurant or tavern, don’t be surprised if they bring you a dessert or some fruit. It is a small treat from the owner.
• All taverns and restaurants accept credit cards and cash (euro).
• You don’t have to tip your servers, but if you do, they will be very happy and appreciate it. Plus, it will be a nice way to show that you enjoyed the service. Tip between 1-to-2-euro coin. Anything above will be considered a big tip.

Phrases to order
**almost every waiter knows English well.

Request: If you need to ask for a menu, you say:
Greek: Μας φέρνετε έναν κατάλογο, παρακαλώ; Mas fernete enan katalogo, parakolo? English: Can you bring us the menu please?

Request :To order, you need to get the staff’s attention, so you say:
Greek: Να παραγγείλουμε; Na parageloome;
English: Can we order?

Request: Point to the menu for what you need:
Greek: Θα θέλαμε …Tha thelame …
English: We would like ….

Request: Asking the waiter if he/she can recommend anything on the menu:
Greek: Τι προτείνετε από το μενού; Ti protínete apó to menú?
English: What can you recommend on the menu?

Request: Saying that you want to pay:
Greek: Θα θέλαμε να πληρώσουμε, παρακαλώ. Tha thélame na plirósume parakaló.
English: We would like to pay, please.

Request :Asking if you can pay with credit card:
Greek: Μπορώ να πληρώσω με πιστωτική κάρτα; Boró na pliróso me pistotikí kárta?
English: Do you accept credit cards?

Request: They will wish you an enjoyable meal
Greek: Καλή όρεξη, Kalí órexi!
English: Enjoy your meal!

Request: Make a toast:
Greek: Στην υγειά μας, Yamas
English: Cheers or To our health

Request: Express your gratitude:
Greek: Ευχαριστώ (Efxaristo)
English: Thank you

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